One of our dear friends in New York City is the amazingly talented Daria de Koning, jewelry designer extraordinaire.  All her jewelry is beautiful, but I am particularly fond of her custom engagement rings.  It appears Daria loves working on them just as much as I like looking at them!

I love working on engagement rings – it’s a special time in people’s lives and thrilling to be a part of such a happy occasion. As you can see, every ring I make is pretty different. Since I make each ring from scratch, meaning a lump of metal, no two are ever the same. Many grooms/brides-to-be come to me with a vague idea of what they want, which provides me with guidelines, but also allows me room to be creative and add spirit to the ring. The character and lifestyle of the recipient inspires and informs my design for her, as does the client’s selection of gemstone. ~Daria

Enjoy the gorgeousness!


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