So, a few weeks back we received an email from Michael Antonia, who is a producer and DJ, that has worked with the likes of The Roots, Black Eyed Peas, and Outkast (yes, this list goes ON) and now works with the amazing photographers from Our Labor of Love (who we of course completely adore), to create a company called The Flash Dance.  Their blog is nothing short of amazing, even down to the intro, which is footage of famous musicians on their wedding day: think Elvis & Pricilla, John & Yoko, Mick & Bianca. * loves*it*  Michael has now expanded his blog to highlight vendors in L.A. that he feels accurately represent their aesthetic, approach, and clients.  We were lucky enough to be asked to sit down with him and chat (well, over the phone) about his work, his blog, and his fresh approach to redefining weddings.  We are now daily followers of his blog and think it a great resource for L.A. couples getting married, who don’t want the traditional approach to weddings, but who want fantastic vendors.  Check out the props in the profile  he posted on us.

More from Michael about his company, in his own words…
2 couples, (Jess & Whit, Michael & Elizabeth) one little man, one little girl, three dogs and a lot of love!

They say if you love someone you have to let them go, and if they love you they’ll come back. Flashdance is an idea that has been brewing for nearly a decade… Way back in the day Whitney and Michael dreamed of having their own company together. Looking for love drove them to the furthest corners of the country, (Seattle, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles) falling in love brought them back together. Nearly 10 years later, with families in tow, they are finally doing exactly what they always wanted to do. (and nobody’s telling them how to do it!). Hooray!

We didn’t get into this business because we thought it would be an easy way to earn a buck, we did it because our weddings were the most amazing days of our lives, and so much fun, that we decided to trade in the grind of corporate events, music festivals, and nightclubs, to make love and happiness the biggest part of our lives. We think we made the right choice!

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